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About Us

Your Trusted Healthcare Partner in Oxfordshire

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Our Story

Wheatley Pharmacy is long standing pharmacy established in 1992 with the vision of
becoming an integral part of the local community in Wheatley, Oxfordshire; providing
medicines and health advice to all. After years of hard work, investment in staff, and
services provided this has more than become a reality. A patient-centered approach and
excellent customer satisfaction have always been of huge importance to the business, and
now a first-class service to our customers is something which we are known for. Our
Pharmacy is also a certified Healthy Living Pharmacy.

As an independent community pharmacy, we have evolved from the historic role of a
traditional pharmacy that just dispenses medicines and sells over-the-counter products.
Wheatley Pharmacy offers you a host of services to help you avoid an often time-consuming
visit to the GP.

Our pharmacy is well equipped to provide health care services with a specially designed
consultation room and highly trained staff. This means you can enjoy quality health services
in a comfortable and private environment. Our private services are competitively priced and
most are available at short notice.

If you need advice about a treatment option, come speak with our qualified team of
healthcare professionals. We are passionate about providing high-quality patient care and
medication management. Our team consists of health care professionals who love to help
people in the community to live healthier lives.

Our Timeline

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